Westpac Bank

A number of pieces for Australia's largest bank. Agency: Lavender, Sydney

Press add for Perth business newspaper

Press ad encouraging those thinking about retirement to book an appointment with a Westpac financial planner. Doing so could make a big difference to the eventual value of your Super (pension) - and your retirement options.

Poster series: surprising food (Mac visuals - not finished execution)

To appear in offices of major a Westpac client (Telstra), aimed at staff

CTA Meet a Westpac banker and improve your banking

Digital banner ad for Westpac Credit Cards.

Poster series to promote Westpac's Social Sector Banking

Sentiments to back up Westpac's Social Sector Banking heart logo

Posters appear in branches with social sector banking functions

Employee advocacy campaign to encourage more staff to bank with Westpac

First stage: a poster campaign telling real staff stories...

...snapshots showing how staff have benefitted from Westpac banking perks

CTA directs employees to the Westpac intranet where they can find out more

A couple of our original scamps...

Each personal story illuminates a different benefit of banking with Westpac

Ideas for future promotions: get staff to upload their pics for their own mug

Chocolate box gift for friends and family to extend reach of campaign


A number of pieces for Australia’s largest bank including DM, press, online. Agency: Lavender, Sydney.




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