StoryTagger enables users to create and record quick, no-fuss story videos on their mobile device

Developed initially for sharing learning stories in professional organisations, StoryTagger can enable anyone to tell and record a personal story in an engaging way, easily.

We develop Story Frameworks based on what users want to achieve. Whether it’s related to work or your personal life. Here each StoryBlock is designed to capture a career story.

A coaching video helps at the beginning of each StoryBlock helps get users started with ideas and tips. We script these according to desired goals or provide generic options.

Motivational messages along the way provide encouragement, powering through each StoryBlock. When all are complete they’re merged into one natural, engaging video story.

The complete StoryTagger user journey

The benefits of StoryTagger

Example: a StoryFramework for a specific event

Broken down into simple blocks

Add your own notes to prompt you while you record

Example prompt – appears on screen as you record

Record. And re-take as many times as you like.

Preview and Save when you’re happy and move to the next block. When all blocks are complete, you merge into one, engaging video.

As more people create and share, a library of video stories is available to everyone.


A mobile app that helps people to create and record their own video stories, one block at a time. It makes sharing engaging self-generated video content easier than ever.

Developed by LearnerLab, StoryTagger provides expert guidance and video coaching so users (work colleagues, students and more) can share meaningful experiences and learn from each other.

As well as built in tips and prompts, users can also add their own notes or auto cue script to aid recording. Options to review and re-record as you go mean its quick and simple to create a video you’re happy to share.

As well as generic story structures, tailored frameworks can be created for specific organisations or goals, helping people focus their story and stay on track.


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